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Encouraging undergraduate students

Funding Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Research Grant Award.

This research program promotes ADU’s goal of encouraging undergraduate students to pursue research activities. It allows students to learn the processes of exploration and discovery, as well as prepare them for graduate studies and for careers in emerging fields. The fund is granted to students who can demonstrate an excellent academic record and who submit a successful research proposal.

Strengthen research capabilities at Abu Dhabi University

Faculty Research Incentive Grant

The purpose of this grant is to strengthen research capabilities at Abu Dhabi University. The grant provides funding for research projects that will elevate Abu Dhabi University’s reputation as a key UAE research institution.

The recipients of the Research Incentive Grant will be expected to publish the results of their work in a refereed journal/conference proceeding and to participate in ADU’s research conference.

The objectives of the Faculty Research Incentive Grant are:
  • To support the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 roadmap.
  • To promote and develop faculty research and scholarly production.
  • To develop Abu Dhabi University as a Center of Research Excellence by building a state-of-the-art research infrastructure to support the research activities of faculty, students, and community.
  • To develop Abu Dhabi University as a preferred research hub for local, regional, and international scholars.
  • To increase the capacity of ADU to attract external research income from government, foundation, and corporate sponsors.
  • To keep faculty and students up-to-date with the latest research technologies

Completed applications should be submitted to the ORSP office.
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