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University College

University College is the home of all new undergraduate students. It provides a unique general education platform to ensure the successful transition of undergraduate students from high school to university life.

To be the welcoming academic home of new students that nurtures them and engages them in a positive academic experience in preparation for advanced academic study in the major field of their choice.
University College helps new students successfully transition from high school to college life by providing them with an academic environment that engages them in advanced academic study in their chosen field.

About our University College

The General Education courses at University College will enable you to:

  • Communicate effectively, responsibly and competently through various written and/or oral formats
  • Identify, collect, organize, analyze, evaluate and use information effectively and responsibly
  • Apply critical thinking to make informed and logical judgments
  • Comprehend and use quantitative ideas and methods for critical assessment of data and effective problem solving
  • Demonstrate skills in the use of current computing and information technology
  • Relate to both a local and global context
  • Learn and practice strong values, ethical conduct and social responsibilities, especially personal, academic, and professional integrity
  • Develop collaboration in diverse team settings

University College Downloads

UC - Academic Advising Manual



The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a resource for writers of all abilities, and our main goal is to help students become better writers by offering help at every stage of the writing process. It provides focused assistance to students to help them make an overall improvement not only in their academic writing but also in their creative writing. Its objectives are:

  • To provide support in enhancing the writing skills of students in English and Arabic languages.
  • To help students make appropriate choices regarding the purpose, context, form and style of writing.
To ensure that students have opportunities to use both formal and informal writing as a means of self-expression, creative expression, and exploration.
To ensure that students have ample opportunities to explore the writing process by writing drafts of papers, receiving comments from peers and faculty, utilizing services within the Writing Center, and engaging in revision and editing of written assignments.
To provide workshops to students and faculty in different aspects of language learning and teaching."


The Learning Center
The Learning Support Center (LSC), operating under the University College (UC), is an academic support resource designed to assist students who need extra support to be successful in their courses. The center provides peer mentoring and tutoring facilities that help students to improve their academic standing. It is an interdisciplinary support service. Its administrators and practitioners have varied backgrounds and professional interests including educational technology, distance education, research, academic disciplines (writing, reading, learning, math & science), tutoring, and developmental education.

The mission of the Learning Support Center is to provide supplementary academic support to assist students in strengthening their college-wide abilities in math, the sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences.

This mission is achieved by offering students opportunities: to participate orally in small interactive groups with other students, tutors, and faculty members; to develop critical thinking skills; to strengthen written and oral communication; and to apply quantitative information to problem solving. Free drop-in tutoring provided by peer assistants is available to all ADU students in most courses offered on campus.