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University College

University College is the home of all new undergraduate students. It provides a unique general education platform to ensure the successful transition of undergraduate students from high school to university life.

Dean’s Message

Dear Students,

University College provides a unique general education platform to ensure your successful transition from high school to university life. This is achieved through the delivery of a comprehensive first year educational experience, equipping you with the skills essential to your future.

As an undergraduate student, you will spend your first year in Abu Dhabi University studying a general education curriculum alongside the courses related to your chosen discipline, giving you the perfect foundation on which to build your university career.

University College’s general education curricula will provide you with the full academic support, tools and techniques required to develop your competencies in written & oral communication, information literacy, qualitative reasoning, innovative & critical thinking, team building, leadership, ethical reasoning, design thinking, sense making and use of social & emotional intelligence.

The network of support available to you through University College will help you settle into the ADU community with ease and quickly progress in your academic career. Both learning and pastoral support is an important element of your University College experience.

Starting out at university can be exciting and daunting in equal measures. University College will engage you in ways that will help you maximize your potential both personally and academically, all in a supportive, student-centred environment. We look forward to welcoming you to UC and the ADU community.


Dr. Sreethi Nair, Dean, University College

Dean - University College

Dr. Sreethi Nair
Dr. Sreethi Nair

The Benefits of University College

UC provides a unique general education platform to ensure your successful transition from high school to university life. Through a set of carefully designed General Education courses, we aim to equip students with the fundamental knowledge, skills and competencies that prepare them for success in their majors and in their personal and professional lives after graduation.  

To assist you during your time with ADU, two main support centers are available:

The Learning Support Center (LSC) is an interdisciplinary academic support resource designed to assist students who need extra assistance to be successful in their courses. The Center provides peer mentoring and tutoring facilities that help students improve their academic standing. Its administrators and practitioners have varied backgrounds and professional interests including educational technology, distance education, research, academic disciplines (writing, reading, learning, math & science), tutoring, and developmental education.

The mission of the LSC is to provide supplementary academic support to assist students in strengthening their college-wide abilities in math, sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

The Writing Center is a resource for writers of all abilities and our main goal is to help students become better writers by offering help at every stage of the writing process. It provides focused assistance to help students make an overall improvement, not only in their academic writing, but also in their creative writing. Its objectives are:

  • To provide support in enhancing the writing skills of students in English and Arabic languages
  • To help students make appropriate choices regarding the purpose, context, form and style of writing
  • To ensure that students have opportunities to use both formal and informal writing as a means of self-expression, creative expression, and exploration
  • To ensure that students have ample opportunities to explore the writing process by writing drafts of papers, receiving comments from peers and faculty, utilizing services within the Writing Center, and engaging in revision and editing of written assignments
  • To provide workshops to students and faculty in different aspects of language learning and teaching

The Writing Center is located at the entrance of the library on the first floor. It is staffed by two full time tutors, as well as part-time mentors who are available from 9am – 5pm from Sunday to Thursday. You can visit the Writing Center as a walk-in or make an appointment. Although we will not proofread or edit papers, we will help you learn how to find and correct errors in punctuation, usage, and grammar. All the services provided by the Center are free of charge.

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