Employability and Professional Development

We provide an all-inclusive approach to student career development starting with career awareness and decision making.

Our services are designed to assist students and graduates in the development, evaluation, and execution of their career plans, and assist employers with internships and the recruitment of recent graduates.

Whether you are a student or an alumni, we are here for you. Our team of career development professionals will help you discover your career path, develop a stellar CV, take on exciting experiential learning opportunities, meet with employers, and grow your professional life now and beyond graduation.


Our programs and services include:


  • Career guidance and advising.
  • Graduate placement support.
  • Internships.
  • Student Employment Program

Find out more about special events happening soon, please check ADU Groups.

The Employability and Alumni Relations Office utilizes LinkedIn and ADU Groups to promote its career and job placement services. To find out more about special events and opportunities for ADU students and alumni, please check ADU Groups and EARO’s LinkedIn profile.


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