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A vibrant social life is part of the experience.



Abu Dhabi University is a place to get a top-quality education, where our students always come first. We understand that future employers are looking for well-rounded personnel who are passionate, driven and able to manage multiple responsibilities. Our students learn that both inside and outside the classroom.

When students come to Abu Dhabi University, they expect the best in both academics and campus life. That’s why we strive to offer excellent resident life, food court, transportation, health services, activities and everything that will make our students feel at home.

Sukina from Jordan
MBA Graduate, 2017
The staff at ADU are very helpful from the moment you land in UAE to the time you progress to University. They're always there for you. I think studying here has definitely changed me as a person. I've become more responsible, more organized and more confident.
Ahmed Omotayo from Nigeria
MBA Graduate, 2017
I have taken part in the extracurricular activities in the University and have made lots of friends. The other students are really friendly. UAE generally is an exciting place to stay and having access to one of the most beautiful cities in the world is nothing short of AWESOMENESS!
Asta Sadou from Cameroon
MBA Graduate, 2017
When I first arrived at the International College, I was pleasantly surprised by how many different countries are represented among the student community here. Studying in such a diverse environment is fantastic and I have made many good friends.

Latest Events

Abu Dhabi University is a wonderful place when it comes to activities and events, where we deliver students with a sophisticated touch of its campus life, where all students have the ability to join in and participate in many events. Those events are the vibrant social life that every university student wishes to have, and in order to fulfil your social interactions, you need to be involved in Abu Dhabi University clubs and events.


Abu Dhabi University events and activities are among the best. Not to mention how the relationship between the students, faculty and staff becomes stronger. In joining clubs, you will be discovering the true meaning of responsibilities, organizing and participating in the event. 

Some of the other events that are organized by Student Engagement & Development Office:


22-23 March 2018
16-19 April 2018
5 May 2018
7-11 March 2018
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ADU Clubs

Abu Dhabi University is a truly unique university with a diverse international student body as it is home to students from all over the world.  ADU urges you to contribute and create or join a student’s club that fits your own personality and needs, where you will be given the chance to be a part of the next years’ event calendar.


Student organizations exist because they play a key role in students' success and enjoyment. Students can benefit significantly from joining any number of student organizations, where they will have the opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships. Students at ADU are encouraged to join our student societies.  They are also welcome to set-up their own societies for the purposes of fostering understanding unity and cordial relationships amongst themselves.